07/31/2013 01:17 pm ET

Negotiation Q And A: I Got A Raise -- But It Wasn't Enough


Dear Negotiators,

I think I’ve just been shorted the raise I deserve, and am hoping you can help me—or at least tell me what I should have done so I don’t make this mistake again.

I have been at my current company, a medium-sized marketing agency, for almost two years. I love my role and feel like I’ve really succeeded here—I’ve continued to take on higher-profile clients and projects, and I have received great feedback along the way.

My annual review was last week, and I went in planning to ask for a promotion (and corresponding salary increase). I did my research (online and with friends) and planned to ask for a raise of 25%—which I know sounds like a lot, but it’s in line with what people in my field at that level make.

The good news? I went into the review, and my boss rewarded me with a promotion and the title I wanted. I didn’t even have to ask.

The bad news? The raise he offered me was 7%.

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