07/31/2013 09:20 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 50 Hills Most Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Wait, what? This isn't what everyone is talking about? Uh oh, now you're curious about the beautiful hills below. And if you're still looking for The Hill's "50 Most Beautiful People," try here.

1. Green hills in the Steptoe Butte State Park in Washington

steptoe butte state park

(Photo via Getty Images)

2. Sunset over hills in New Zealand

nz hills

(Photo via Sarah Macmillan/Flickr)

3. Faith Hill

faith hill

(Photo via Kevin Winter/ACMA2013/Getty Images for ACM)

4. Snowy hill getting photobombed by a neighbor hill

snowy hill

(Photo via Flickr: Charmar)

5. More amazing hills in the Steptoe Butte State Park

washington hills

(Photo via Santhosh Rajangam/Flickr)

6. "Solsbury Hill"

7. Lauryn Hill

lauryn hill

(Photo via AP)

8. Beverly Hills

beverly hills sign

(Photo via Getty Images)

9. "Beverly Hills 90210"

beverly hills 90210

(Photo via Getty Images)

10. Hills in the Black Desert near Farafra, Egypt

black desert

(Photo via Marie M./Flickr)

11. Hills right nearby, in Egypt's White Desert

white desert

(Photo via Guido A.J. Stevens/Flickr)

12. Capitol Hill neighborhood, Washington, D.C.

capitol hill neighborhood washington

(Photo via Getty Images)

13. Grant Hill

grant hill

(Photo via Getty Images)

14. Rock fence on hills in Settle, England

england hills

(Photo via Adam Foster/Flickr)

15. Nestled in the stunning hills of Palouse, Wash.

palouse hills

(Photo via Flickr: Grandhi)

16. Windows XP's "Bliss" Hill

windows hill

17. HuffPost Hill

huffpost hill

18. Dulé Hill of "The West Wing"

19. Did I mention Lauryn Hill?

20. Hills on hills on hills (of sand)

hills on hills on hills

(Photo via Mark Bowman/Flickr)

21. "Smokeshow" intern hill.

smokeshow hill

(Photo via Bob Carey/American Red Cross Flickr)

22. Benny Hill

benny hill

(Photo via Getty Images)

23. Cypress Hill

cypress hill

(Photo via AP)

24. Cypress Hill touring along the Tuscan countryside

beautiful hill top

(Photo via Getty Images)

25. Flag-loving Hill intern's favorite hill

hilltop american flag

(Photo via Getty Images)

26. Hills of sand Shanshan, Xinjiang, China

china sand hill

(Photo via Evgeni Zotov/Flickr)

27. Hillz

hillary clinton

(Photo via Getty Images)

28. Bobby Hill


29. "The Hill" at Colgate University

colgate university

(Photo via AP)

30. Marc Lamont Hill

marc lamont hill

31. Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

telegraph hill san francisco

(Photo via Getty Images)

32. Anita Hill

anita hill

(Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

33. Clouds over hills in Australia.

australia hills

(Photo via Richard Rosalion/Flickr)

34. A snowy path on a hill in Scotland

scotland hill

(Photo via Neil Wilkie/Flickr)

35. Dru Hill

dru hill

(Photo via Getty Images)

36. Hills and sky, unknown location

unknown hill

(Photo via David Wise/Flickr)

37. Rolling hills at the foot of the Tangkuban Perahu volcano. Near Bandung, Java, Indonesia.


(Photo via Peter Nijenhuis/Flickr)

38. Jonah Hill

jonah hill

(Photo via AP)

39. "The Hills"

the hills cast

(Photo via AP)

40. West Virginia hills

west virginia hill

(Photo via Getty Images)

41. "One Tree Hill"

one tree hill

(Photo via The WB)

42. Crook Hill in Derbyshire, England

crook hill

(Photo via Flickr: Earthwatcher)

43. Beacon Hill, Boston

beacon hill boston

(Photo via Getty Images)

44. Two Brothers Hill In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

beautiful hill top

(Photo via Getty Images)

45. Golden hills in California.

golden hills

(Photo via Devin Westhause/Flickr)

46. Tsminda Sameba church on a hill in Gergeti, Georgia

hill in georgia

(Photo via Adam Brill/Flickr)

47. The Acropolis is definitely on a hill.


(Photo via Getty Images)

48. Death Valley hills

death valley

(Photo via Flickr: CaptSpaulding)

49. Hills of salt

salt mounds factory

(Photo via Getty Images)

50. That hill those clumsy kids Jack and Jill tried to climb up

jack and jill

(Photo via Getty Images)



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