Ashton Powers Charged After Slashing Cop's Tire With Cop In Car

Slashing a tire is bad. Slashing a cop's tire is worse. But slashing a cop's tire while the cop is in the car? That's just all kinds of trouble.

Ashton Powers, a 24-year-old Arizona man, was accused of slashing the tire of a police vehicle without realizing the officer was sitting in the still-running car.

Police say he casually walked up to a patrol car at 2 a.m. Tuesday and stabbed a tire with his knife.

Police Sgt. Michael Pooley told ABC 15 news he was sitting in his car when he felt a jolt and the hissing of air leaving his tire.

"I don't know what this guy was thinking," Pooley said. "It's a fully marked police car, the car was running, the officer was inside with the air conditioning on and you could hear the car running. It still didn't stop him from slashing the tire."

Perhaps Powers' ego was just too inflated. His bad-boy confidence is probably feeling pretty flat now that he's been charged with one count of criminal damage.

Back in July, 14 Hybrid cars in Virginia were targeted and had their tires slashed, but no arrests were made.

In one of the most viral cases ever of tire-slashing gone wrong, a man tried to slash the tire of a truck, only to have the air blast rip his shirt off and throw him on the ground.



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