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Latina CoverGirl Stars Sofia Vergara, Becky G And More Show Hispanic Beauty And Strength

Making it big in the Hollywood business is rare. It takes one great opportunity for your life to be changed forever. A milestone for celebs that have either made it or are trying to expand their careers even more come from endorsement deals, showing that they have officially made it!

CoverGirl has done a great job of signing endorsements with a variety of women over the past few years. From Sofia Vergara to the most recent CoverGirl Becky G, the makeup line is doing a great job of adding mixture to the women that represent their brand.

In particular, there are a few Latinas who have endorsements with CoverGirl and have been featured in the brand’s campaigns. Sofia Vergara, and their new addition Becky G, are prominent Latinas endorsing the makeup giant, along with Mexican-American boxing Olympic medalist Marlen Esparza.

Covergirl’s Latina celebs
Sofia Vergara puts Latinas on the map

It’s no secret that Sofia Vergara is one of the most successful women in the entertainment business at the moment. The outgoing Colombian actress appeared on the Forbes 2013 Most Powerful Women list and was recently nominated for her fourth consecutive Emmy for her role as Gloria in the popular sitcom “Modern Family.”

The 41-year-old actress joined the CoverGirl team back in 2011, and in 2012 she could already be seen in commercials alongside Ellen DeGeneres. When finding out that she was now a part of the CoverGirl family, Vergara could barely contain her excitement.

“I’ve always wanted to be a CoverGirl. I always loved seeing the pictures of the campaigns in magazines. I love that I have the Latin flavor; Latin girls can relate to me, see what I’m wearing, see my makeup, my hairstyle,” Vergara told People.

Boxing champ Marlen Esparza is proud of her Latina roots

The American-born boxing champ has never been shy about expressing her love for her Latina roots.

“Being a Latina has given me heart and, above all, it has given me passion, a trait most men and women from my culture share. I feel my Latino passion in my arms and my legs and my fists with every punch I throw. I live for what I love to do with the passionate intensity of a Latina,” Marlen Esparza told NBC Latino.

When asked back in 2012 about representing CoverGirl, Esparza talked highly of female power.

“This competition empowers me in so many ways, and that’s why I am proud to partner with CoverGirl, a brand that believes in female empowerment as much as I do.”

There is so much variety, both Latin and non-Latin, that is serving as an inspirational reference for women of all types.

Talia Castellano represents true beauty

One of the most inspiring ladies to ever be named a CoverGirl passed away on July 16, 2013. Talia Castellano lost her life to cancer at the young age of 13. She was first diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer, a tumor that develops from nerve tissue in infants and children, back in 2007 when she was seven years old.

Castellano had a hobby of posting makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, which boasts more than 750,000 subscribers and more than 8 million views. After being inspired by the young girl, Ellen DeGeneres invited her to her show. When DeGeneres asked Castellano how she stays positive through it all, the 13-year-old said, “When people ask me that, what do you want me to do, be depressed?” Castellano said she followed the comedienne’s famous Disney character Dory’s saying — “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” — to get her through her treatments. DeGeneres announced that CoverGirl had agreed to add Talia to the group of many beautiful women that represent their brand.

Representing CoverGirl since 2011, Sofia Vergara couldn’t agree more.

“My heart and thoughts are with Talia, the most beautiful & inspiring @CoverGirl ever and with her loving family and friends #RIPTalia,” tweeted Sofia Vergara.

Becky G joins CoverGirl

Becky G, the newest artist and Latina to join CoverGirl, had her commercial debut during the 2013 Premios Juventud awards show in Miami, Fla.

The young Mexican-American artist sang her new single “Play It Again” and had no trouble switching between English and Spanish. The 16-year-old singer, songwriter and rapper’s energetic performance shows she has officially arrived — and what better way to show it off than through some CoverGirl exposure!

In a recent interview with Elle, the 16-year-old admitted to loving her new gig.

“I grew up watching CoverGirl commercials, and it was the first makeup I ever bought. I met with them, and they basically just offered me my deal. I was already a really big fan of the brand, so it was a match made in heaven.”

Check out Becky G’s CoverGirl commercial!

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