08/01/2013 01:57 pm ET

15 Things We Learned About Bosses From Stock Photos


Amidst conversations about women and career success, it's worth reflecting on the many stereotypes bosses must overcome to effectively do their jobs. And female bosses face some unique challenges as women in positions of authority.

So what better way to reflect on how we view bosses than by sifting through stock photos? Yes, stock photos have proven to be a great reflection of the most ridiculous stereotypes about pretty much anything -- from how women think grills work, to what they do with umbrellas to how they celebrate the 4th of July. We assumed that they would be just as clueless about what it means to be a boss, and it seems we were right.

Here are 15 things we learned about being a boss from stock photos -- it's truly enlightening stuff:

What Bosses Look Like According To Stock Photos