08/02/2013 11:14 am ET

An Open Letter to Robin Thicke From a Longtime Fan Who Wants Nothing to Do With Him Anymore


Dear Robin Thicke,

How are you? I’m going to assume you’re pretty well, considering the popularity of "Blurred Lines." What a song, and what a crowd. Pharrell, T.I., and a gaggle of beautiful half-naked models frolicking around you as T.I. raps about giving “something big enough to tear your ass in two.” Well there’s an offer I can, and will refuse!

I’ve never really written fan mail which serves me well because this is NOT fan mail. I am writing to tell you that your song "Blurred Lines" does NOT empower women, as you recently stated on the Today show. Nor is it “a feminist movement in itself.” If you’re unclear about what feminism is, allow me to educate you. Feminism is a movement followed by people who are actively trying to create an equal place for women in society. I say "people" because this movement is not limited or isolated to women. It is entirely imperative that gender equality is pursued by both men AND women as we all actively engage with each other.

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