08/05/2013 01:58 pm ET

Celebrities Stoked For Shark Week


Dip a toe in, if you dare ... "Shark Week" is officially here.

The Discovery Channel's pop culture phenomenon (now in its 26th year) kicked off Sunday night with the mockumentary "Megalodon." Something about giant flying sea beasts going survival of the fittest on poor, unassuming seals really resonates with audiences. Why else is the special the longest-running cable event on television?!

Clearly, Shark Week has cemented itself in our hearts as a summer staple. Crazy enough, we aren't alone. Tara Reid-Sharknado jokes aside, our favorite stars are equally obsessed with great whites.

Late night funnyman Jimmy Fallon got in the Shark Week spirit early, asking fans to play the hashtag game ocean style.

Whereas funny girl Elizabeth Banks shared a cool video to help us get stoked.

Sunday night's "Megalodon" movie got a photo shout-out from director Adam Shankman.

This year's host, comedian Josh Wolf hosted "Shark After Dark" following the "Megalodon" debut. An unlikely guest was Dominic Monaghan. The actor got a tasty treat sans fish following his appearance.

The hilarious Kendra Wilkinson tweeted at "Shark After Dark" and got her post shared live on the show! Lucky girl. A follower sent her a suggestion to continue the fun. Bottoms up.

"High School Musical" star Ashley Tisdale graduates into more dangerous material as a Shark Week devotee.

Proof that sharks are the most badass, rock 'n' roll approved creature on the planet:

Unfortunately, not everyone is down with the big fish. The "Jersey Shore" waters are no joke for cast member Ronnie Magro.

Eloquently said. Of course, there's TV competition this week...

Maybe not. Consider who else watches the program (cough cough, JT).

That's reason enough to get hooked. Enjoy!



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