08/05/2013 04:03 pm ET

Evan Longoria Among MLB Players To Share Reactions To Biogenesis Drug Suspensions On Twitter


Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria was among several players who shared their reactions to the game's latest performance-enhancing drug scandal. The three-time All-Star acknowledged that the suspensions announced for Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta and several other players made Monday a dark day in MLB history but expressed hope that they represented a major step toward a cleaner game.

While players like Longoria and MLB officials hoped that the punishment of this group of drug cheats would help baseball improve its reputation, the trespasses of the 13 players named on Monday were more personal to some players. Dan Meyer, who last pitched in the majors in 2010 for the Florida Marlins, showed how high the stakes can be for players who do -- and who do not -- turn to performance-enhancing drugs.

From stars like Longoria to players struggling to make a roster like Meyer, the impact of PEDs could be felt throughout the league. Here are some notable reactions from current and former MLB players.

MLB Players Respond to Biogenesis Suspensions