08/05/2013 12:18 pm ET

Future Islands Music Video: If The Legend Of Goldilocks Got A Disco Makeover (VIDEO)

If the legend of Goldilocks got a disco makeover, the result may look something like this achingly cool music video for Baltimore-based synthpop band Future Islands.

The electric vision for the song "Walking Through That Door" comes straight from the imagination of stop-motion animation artist Kymia Nawabi, who you may recognize as the winner of the reality show "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist."

Nawabi took eight months to craft the delicious video, a grown-up fairy tale that oozes raw emotion and absurd beauty.

"Kymia creates her own mythology in her work," Future Islands' William Cashion told Nowness. "We try to create our own world with our songs, so we like the idea of our music and her work being connected in some cosmic way."

Dive into Nawabi's glittering world in the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you like Nawabi's work check out Allison Schulnik or Nathalie Djurberg for more animated feasts.



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