08/05/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince William's Diaper Duty Errand Is Pretty Adorable To Imagine (PHOTOS)

We always knew Prince William would make a great dad.

The Duke of Cambridge made his first post-baby birth appearance this weekend, participating in a polo match with Prince Harry on Saturday. Adorably, the new father was presented with a mini polo mallet for little Prince George after completing the game. Will, already the hands-on parent, asked if the parcel was a package of diapers.

"I've got to pick some up on my way home," he said.

Awww. It looks like Will had a pretty good time getting out of the house, though. He and Harry arrived at the park wearing matching white pants (Will's take was such a dad look), and the two looked quite dapper on those horses. We bet little Georgie will be putting his little polo mallet to use as soon as he's out of those diapers.

While we wait for that to happen, we'll keep swooning over the thought of Will taking on dad duties like strapping George into his car seat and picking up nappies. See William and Harry at this weekend's match below and tell us: Do you really think Will popped into the store on his way home?



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What a good dad:

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