08/06/2013 10:07 am ET

Glass Ceiling Or Glass Cage? Breaking Through The Biggest Barrier Holding Women Back


The last decade has witnessed a growing awareness of the value women bring to the workplace, the impact they make on organizational bottom line, and the contribution to the economy at large. It’s driven policy makers and industry leaders to support women’s engagement in the workforce, and ascension into positions of greater influence. On it’s own though, it’s not enough.

While there’s no doubt that unconscious bias, and even outright misogyny, still exist in workplaces today, the bigger barrier holding women back from growing their influence is not a ‘glass ceiling’ but a glass cage of our own making (albeit not consciously). This cage is held together by the misgivings we have about our ability to succeed and handle the demands of leadership without sacrificing our other aspirations outside the workplace.

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