08/06/2013 08:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Helen Hunt Films Swimsuit Scene For 'Ride' At Venice Beach

Helen Hunt is doing it all for her upcoming film.

On Monday, photographers snapped photos of the 50-year-old actress, who was hard at work filming the new movie "Ride," which she not only wrote, but is also directing and producing.

In the film, Hunt plays a magazine editor who discovers her son has dropped out of college to become a surfer. Her character follows the boy to California, where she meets a surf instructor, played by Luke Wilson.

Since "Ride" is all about surf and sand, Hunt should be spending the much of the following weeks beachside in swimsuits and wetsuits, as she's taking on the challenge of directing and starring in a film for the second time. (She was also in charge of the 2007 feature "Then She Found Me.")

helen hunt swimsuit

helen hunt swimsuit



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