08/06/2013 05:19 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

'LA Made Me This Way' Video Lampoons Transition From New York To Los Angeles

There's no denying that moving to a new city is tough. For New Yorkers, it's even tougher when they move to Los Angeles -- a city some of them already hate.

For those East Coasters, stylist/actress Casey Jane Ellison has a little tip about how to make the transition to LA as painless as possible: Fake it 'til you make it.

In the video above, Ellison experiments with new LA identities: Should she be an Alexa Chung ripoff? Rihanna's fat, tone-deaf white friend? A Kardashian knockoff? A Coachella festival refugee?

Watch as she transforms from a "mean and sad New York Art School girl" into an "LA-friendly cute, sexy, flirty, hot, nice, and good vegan since birth" by ditching her goth makeup for fresh fruit and colorful "outfies." We love this betch.




Take a look at some of our LA stereotypes captured in GIF form and head over to their tumblr to see lots more.

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