08/06/2013 04:26 am ET Updated Aug 06, 2013

Lisa Kudrow: 'Friends' Reunion Story Upset Her; Thought She'd Been Left Out (VIDEO)

Lisa Kudrow admitted that even she was fooled by an Internet hoax about a Thanksgiving 2014 "Friends" reunion.

The actress stopped by "Conan," where she admitted that the article she saw "looked very real."

"The headline was, ‘NBC Confirms: 5 Out Of The 6 ‘Friends’ Are In,’" Kudrow recalled. "And I went, ‘Oh my God! They didn’t ask me!'"

She quickly realized, though, that NBC didn't own the show -- Warner Brothers did -- and so there was no way this story was accurate. But, Kudrow admitted she felt "hurt" for the second that she thought she'd been left out of a reunion. In fact, Kudrow told HuffPost Live that she would be down for one "if everyone one was on board -- creators included."

Kudrow also said she actually never gets tired of people asking her about a "Friends" reunion, though she does feel really bad whenever she says it'll never happen. She feels like she's crushing fans' dreams. Still, even without "Friends," Kudrow is plenty busy. "Web Therapy" just returned for its third season on Showtime and Kudrow is also an executive producer on TLC's genealogy series, "Who Do You Think You Are?"

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