03/28/2012 09:19 am ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

All The Times Olives Made Eating Infinitely Better

Eclectic Recipes

Olives come in all shapes and sizes: Green, purple, black; pitted, stuffed, spiced; Kalamata, Nicoise, Sicilian; and they all have their own unique flavor. They're great on their own -- especially as a happy hour snack -- but they're also just the thing you need if you're looking to take your favorite dish up a notch or two.

Think of olives as your kitchen's secret weapon. Planning on making fish for dinner? Dress it up with an olive and mint relish. In the mood for pasta? Add a handful of olives and fresh herbs, and dinner is ready.

Basically, it's in your best interest to keep these jars of briny goodness stocked in your fridge (or cupboard) at all times. You never know when they'll come to your rescue and make your dinner infinitely better. We've gathered 31 recipes to show you exactly how it's done.

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