08/06/2013 12:54 pm ET

Relationship Advice: The #1 Thing 'Tough Love' Host Steve Ward Tells People

It's a common refrain: your relationship would be better, if only you could change your partner. So you try -- and nine times out of 10, you fail. Why?

"You can't change other people. That's the number-one thing I try to tell everybody," said Steve Ward, the host and executive producer of VH1's "Tough Love," in a HuffPost Live appearance on Monday.

"Like everybody I work with on my show -- I'm not the one changing them. I'm just making it so obvious that they need to change that they decide they're going to change. It's all you can do," Ward continued.

Watch the clip above for more relationship real talk, including what you should say to a partner who needs to change (and check out the full segment here), then click though the slideshow below for some timeless breakup quotes.

Breakup Quotes To Help You Get Through A Split

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