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Avoid The Sun, Get Some Sleep & More Anti-Aging Tips From The Creator Of Time Bomb

Nothing can push a beauty product off the shelves like labeling it "anti-aging."

The desire of seemingly every woman to turn back the clock is something Gail Federici, CEO of beauty line Time Bomb, is well aware of. Federici came up with the idea for Time Bomb while working with Lulu, aka Lulu Kennedy-Cairns of British singing fame. Then in her early fifties, Lulu expressed concern to Federici about the aging skin around her eyes. So Federici turned to Dr. Joe Cincotta, a chemist, to concoct an age-defying eye cream that Lulu could use.

It worked. The one cream turned into several more products, and six years later the anti-aging goodies became Time Bomb, a full-fledged skincare brand that quickly became the fastest-selling anti-aging line in the UK when it launched in 2010.

Federici knew what women wanted, having worked closely with customers as the co-creator of John Freida's Frizz Ease and Sheer Blonde products back in the '80s and '90s. These days, Federici says, women -- particularly baby boomers -- are focused on looking younger.

"For this generation of baby boomers who are aging, it's hard when your mind is the same as it was in your thirties. It's hard to see your body not match what you're thinking about," says Federici. "People are so active now. I don't think of myself as 64 -- it just doesn't compute."

Understanding the cognitive dissonance between how old you feel and how old you look is crucial, Federici explains, because one affects the other. "If your skin and complexion are looking good, you feel good," she says. "I think for mental health, it's good to take care of your skin."

So what can we do besides embrace anti-aging products like Time Bomb? Federici's two main tips:

Stay out of the sun. "You have 100 percent have to stay out of the sun at all ages," declares Federici. "I mean, I didn't. My friends and I, we used to put oil on our faces and suntan with tinfoil, and we see the affects."

Sleep. "When you're stressed out, you age 10 years overnight," Federici reminds us. "When you're not taking care of yourself and you're not sleeping, your face literally gets slack and your coloring goes. It makes a major, major difference."

Do that and use effective products, and you are well on your way to bombing time, so to speak. Says Federici, "We're in the war against aging, and we're going to age victoriously!"

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