08/06/2013 09:54 am ET

Where Are the Men in Child-Free Trend Pieces?


Being part of the 1 in 5 American women who are opting out of having children, I'm always happy to see sympathetic coverage of the child-free lifestyle, such as that offered by Lauren Sandler of Time last week. Sandler interviews a variety of women who have elected to have a home without toys, busting stereotypes that hold that childless women are angry, lonely, or selfish. But as I read it, I found myself wondering, "Where are the men?"

The cover is a photo of a couple basking on the beach with the content smiles that come from having no children whining at them, but male thoughts on opting out of fatherhood are curiously absent in the piece. Sandler acknowledges that the topic of deliberate childlessness tends to center only around women's choices.

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