08/07/2013 03:08 pm ET

Learning About Yourself Through Marriage: 9 Spouses Share Their Stories


Regardless of how well you thought you knew your partner beforehand, being married to that person teaches you a lot more about him or her. But marriage also teaches you a lot about yourself -- traits you never knew you had begin to stand out, feelings you've never felt before begin to arise. Marriage is as much a journey of self-discovery as it as a journey of two people navigating life together.

We recently asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook to tell us one thing they've learned about themselves since tying the knot. See what they had to say below. Then, tell us what you've learned about yourself in the comments.

It's OK to say "no" and set boundaries, especially when it comes to in-laws and stepchildren. - Juliet Miles

Though I thought I did, I never knew what "happy" was! - Daniel Philpott-Jones

I either have to learn to forgive or be doomed to perpetual anger. - Susette Doyle

That new love feeling doesn't go away -- it just gets better as we experience life together. I still get butterflies and my heart skips a beat after 14 years. I didn't know I could love someone so very much. - Libby Nolan

I am SO much better in our little team than I ever was on my own! - Katrina Ambrozevich

That I don't really know how things should be organized now since my wife takes care of everything. - @DroidEmperor

Even though I'm not proud of it, I do have a selfish bridezilla side. I swore I would try not to let this side come out, but it did.- @aimes8609

Getting married was the best decision I ever made. - @jamesbenedictnj

After you say the words, "Till death do us part," it becomes a goal to work towards. - Mitchell Maged

Click through the slideshow below for 23 lessons our readers learned while planning their weddings.

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