08/07/2013 06:05 pm ET

Matt Damon Says He Won't Preach Charity; Gets Point Across With Humor Instead Of 'Finger-Wagging'


Matt Damon doesn't want to hit fans over the head to commit to a cause. He'd rather tickle their funny bone.

"People feeling preached to by privileged actors. I get that totally," he told The Guardian recently. "I don't want some Hollywood actor finger-wagging at me, telling me what I should and shouldn't do."

So Damon has come up with a strategy: Make 'em laugh.

Earlier this year, Damon pulled a wacky publicity stunt for in which he pledged not to go to the bathroom until the world's water crisis was solved. Other celebrities such as Olivia Wilde and Bono were glad to join in on the fun, further spreading the word of a serious problem.

Explaining the stunt to The Guardian, Damon said: "There’s just no reason so many children should be dying, but if you say that, people go, ‘Oh, shut the [bleep] up,’ you know what I mean? So you say, ‘I’m going on a toilet strike.'”

(Hat tip, Houston Chronicle)