08/07/2013 01:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Royce Wadsworth And Kyle Krieger, Gay 'Get Out Alive' Contestants, Make Bear Grylls' Show A Must-See (VIDEO)

Need a new reality show crush to fill these dog days of summer?

Then look no further than Bear Grylls' new NBC competition series, "Get Out Alive." The "Man Vs. Wild" hunk is the host of the new reality series that features ten couples as they strive to be the last remaining team to survive the dangerous mountains, glaciers, freezing rivers and any other unforgiving natural settings that Grylls throws them in (literally).

Of course Grylls himself is quite fetching but viewers should also be alerted to Team Cutie, aka Royce Wadsworth and Kyle Krieger, two gay friends who live in West Hollywood and are competing to win the show's $500,000 cash prize.

This past week's episode featured a scene between Team Cutie and a straight couple, Ryan Gwin and Madeline Mitchell from Alabama, who were surprised that Krieger and Wadsworth were masculine AND gay.

"Where we're from you don't see masculine gay men, so when we first saw y'all we didn't even know y'all were gay," said Gwin in the clip above.

Wadsworth, who works in the film industry, and Krieger, a hairstylist, are currently one of the five teams still competing on the series, so tune in Mondays at 9 on NBC to cheer them on!


That clip above didn't wet your whistle? Well, if you need more reasons to watch Team Cutie we've compiled videos and GIFs of Royce and Kyle below:

Bathing together


Shower interview before the competition!

Cutting Robbie Rogers' hair:

Need we say more? Set the DVR already!



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