08/08/2013 04:38 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2013

'MasterChef': Eliminated Contestant Returns To The Competition (VIDEO)

It was a night of second chances on "MasterChef" as the Top 6 became the Top 7. The judges allowed a contestant back into the competition. But it wasn't just a simple phone call and he or she was back in. Three of the eliminated contestants were brought back with the chance to compete for a spot back in the show.

Even better, it was up to the six remaining finalists to vote back in one of their former foes based on a blind taste test. The chefs getting a second chance were Bime Cruz, Bri Kozior and Lynn Chyi. In the end, it was Bri who got a second chance.

“Did you guys miss me or what?” she said.

“Given that she was a pretty strong cook, this seems to be the right choice," CarterMatt wrote. "The issue that comes into play now is if she can manage to stay put, and last more than just a week or two.”

Nerdles' Eileen Rillera said she loved watching Bri grin from "ear to ear" after earning her way back on the show.

The reception from her competition, however, was understandably chilly. In a confessional, Krissi Biasiello said, "It's Bri. You know, can I not get this girl out of my life?” While Entertainment Weekly's Annie Barrett was thrown off by Bri's redemption, she did have to admit she was looking forward to the continuation of her feud with Krissi.

"I can see that these people are pissed to have me back, and that the competition is on," Bri said.

The competition -- and arguments -- continue on "MasterChef" every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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