08/08/2013 02:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

So, You Want To Be A Mermaid?

So, you want to be a mermaid. Sure you do. Why not? Well, here are your options.

You might have been inspired by her.

And couldn't understand why she'd ever go and trade in her fins for legs.

You've even subscribed to the mermaid magazine, Mermaids & Mythology, to feel closer to them.


But good news! Nowadays even if you were born with legs, there are quite a few options to become your true mermaid self.

First off, you can buy your own fin. They're very realistic now. This can be you.

Owning your own fin doesn't come cheap, but luckily a Mertailor named Eric Ducharme exists for all your fin-related sartorial needs.

You can do more than just go under the sea, you can conquer it.

Worried about swimming with that new tail of yours? Fear not! Iona the Mermaid, dispelled those fears...

No! In fact I swim better with my tail than I do without it. Inside of my tail is a monofin, which is a specialty fin used by many freedivers. It allows me to propel myself through the water using a undulating motion called the dolphin kick.

Once you have your fin, perhaps you want to think about going pro with a group such as Mermaids In Motion.

If you're in for something a little more wild, you can be a mermaid at Sacramento's "Dive Bar" where a tank hangs above the bar as you can see in their "Harlem Shake" video.

Whatever you're looking for, it's important to remember:


And you can probably relate to Mermaid of the Sea, Dana Marie, when she says:

I’ve been a mermaid my whole life, always having been more comfortable underwater than on land. Born in the desert, I was a fish out of water, spending all my days in the pool dreaming of communicating with whales and dolphins in the sea and pretending I was a real mermaid. The ocean called to me...

If you do want to take it to the next level, professional mermaid, Linden Wolbert, recommends becoming a deep-sea diver.

I feel more and more like a 'real' mermaid the better my diving gets.

But before you get too excited, just know that the typical day for a professional mermaid is anything but typical. It's "never the same thing" but can be full of "events like Hollywood parties," Wolbert told the Huffington Post earlier this year.

Becoming a mermaid is special -- something professional mermaid Hannah Fraser, knows very well:


But more than anything, you've really just got to believe. Mermaid Melissa told the Huffington Post:

So much of the ocean has not been explored, so it's crazy to think it's just us on this planet.

And with that, you will soon go from this...

To this.

And you might even impress at MerCon, the International Mermaid Convention held annually in Las Vegas.

Being a mermaid might be a bit of hard work, but it isn't too bad.

When it comes down to it the life of a mermaid is pretty awesomeeeee.

Of course, you've got to put some serious consideration into the whole thing when you think about the altered sex life that comes with being a mermaid...


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