08/09/2013 05:09 pm ET

Best World Reads Of The Week: August 3 - August 9


Spending our days on the interwebs has its advantages, one being that we come across lots of excellent pieces of journalism. Every week, we'll bring you our favorite online reads that didn't appear on our site. Disagree with the selection? Leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet #bestreads at @HuffPostWorld.

The Ghost Rapes Of Bolivia
VICE -- Jean Friedman-Rudovsky
Women in Manitoba Colony, an ultraconservative Mennonite community in Bolivia, started to wake up naked in their beds, covered in blood and semen. They had no recollection of what had happened, no idea of who may have assaulted them. Five years later, the mystery has been solved.

Crackling Over the Radio, Spotter’s Voice Guides Syrian NRebels
The New York Times At War Blog -- C. J. Chivers
"They call him the Watchtower, although the nickname does not quite fit. He is the eyes and voice not of one man in one place, but of many men scattered across the northern Syrian countryside."

The Feminists Of Zion
The New Republic -- Allison Kaplan Sommer and Dahlia Lithwick
As Israel's Haredim increasingly turn to violent attacks against women they perceive to be immodest, an unlikely coalition of modern orthodox and progressive women has come together to battle the influence of their misogynistic neighbors.

'Men Use Islam To Do Whatever They Want'
Mondiaal Magazine -- Gie Goris
For women in Afghanistan, the battle is far from over. MO* interviews Razia Arefi, coordinator of Mothers for Peace, an NGO in the country. "Peace," Arefi answers determinedly when asked what women in Afghanistan need most. "A definitive end to the nightmare of the Taliban violence. When there is peace, women can work out their own future plans."

Snowden's Asylum: 'It's The Law, Stupid'
Al Jazeera Opinion Pages -- Richard Falk
Richard Falk argues that it would have been "morally and politically scandalous" of Russia to extradite Edward Snowden to the United States. "There was no legal duty on Russia's part to turn Snowden over to American authorities for criminal prosecution, and a moral and political duty not to do so, especially in the circumstances surrounding the controversy over Snowden."