08/09/2013 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kathie Lee's Super Insane Birthday Gift To Hoda Kotb (VIDEO)

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It was Hoda's birthday today, so of course Kathie Lee had to celebrate it in the filthiest, most insane fashion possible. We can't even begin to describe the craziness contained in this video, except to say that it is off-the-wall nuts from beginning to end, and also that you MUST watch it. Just to give you a quick preview:

It all started off pretty normal:

kathie lee

But then this video started, that showed Kathie Lee relaxing at her home:

hoda birthday

And a microphone appeared:

hoda birthday

And then things got a little intense:

hoda birthday

And even a little raunchy:

hoda birthday

And then there was a tender moment:

hoda birthday

And everyone loved it:

hoda birthday



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