08/09/2013 07:27 pm ET

Wedding Dresses: How To Choose The Best One For Your Body Type (VIDEO)

Most women have never owned or even worn a gown quite like a wedding dress, which can make the shopping process difficult. The questions can be endless: "What's the best cut and shape for my body type? Should I go strapless or choose something with sleeves? What the heck is a bustle, anyway?"

Wedding dress designer Melissa Sweet stopped by HuffPost Live this week and shared some of her best advice for choosing a gown that suits your body type.

"My first piece of advice for every bride when she starts to go shop for a gown is to look first in her closet and pull out her favorite dress," Sweet said. "Put it on and think about why is it her favorite dress."

Sweet also recommends that brides keep an open mind -- you may find that a ball gown looks stunning on you, even though you expected to wear a mermaid.

Watch the video above to learn more (and click here to see the full segment), then click through the slideshow below to see top wedding dress trends from the spring bridal runways.

Spring/Summer 2014 Wedding Dress Trends

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