08/10/2013 07:43 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2013

Fergie's Baby Picture And More Tweets Of The Week (PHOTOS)

Fergie was feeling nostalgic for her childhood days this week, (perhaps because she has a child of her own on the way) and tweeted a sassy picture of herself as a kid looking like quite the adorable flapper.

Other celebrities posted some intriguing pictures as well. Heidi Klum managed to steal the attention away from a famed cronut in one photo, and Katie Couric admitted she was jealous of Beyoncé's new 'do when she tweeted an old snapshot of herself with a similar cut. Also, we here at HuffPost Style divulged our secret obsession with Scott Disick. Don't lie, you like him, too.

Click through for all the tweets of the week!

Tweets Of The Week

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