08/12/2013 04:03 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2013

'Arrested Development' Season 5? Actor Tony Hale Says It's Likely

After the release of one new season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, could another be in the works?

According to actor Tony Hale, it's likely.

Hale, who plays Buster Bluth, sat down with HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski recently to talk about the resurgence of the show, noting he was initially nervous about returning, but got excited once he was back in character.

"When we got canceled in 2006, when you're kind of done with a job, you kind of go through a mourning process," Hale said. "So to get it resurrected and do it again, that was just such a gift."

"Arrested Development" producers have already been in talks with Netflix about a new season. Hale said that scheduling might be an issue again, but that he and the show's other stars are definitely excited to see what storylines show creator Mitch Hurwitz will put together next.

"It's always surprising," Hale said. "Everybody wants to jump on board because we're so curious as to what Mitch is going to come up with, what surprises he's going to give you."

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