08/12/2013 02:39 pm ET Updated Oct 12, 2013

Behind The Writers' Strike At E!'s 'Fashion Police'


It was a Sunday afternoon in February, and the "Fashion Police" writers had taken their seats around the large wooden dining-room table in the Pacific Palisades home of Melissa Rivers, the show's executive producer. Her mother, Joan Rivers, lords over these four-to-five-hour joke fests, during which each writer pitches snarky celebrity-fashion dos and don'ts that they've spent the past few days crafting. Joan laughs at the funny ones and politely passes over the others; eventually a handful of one-liners will be selected, many of which Joan will tweak and deliver, improvlike, on-camera ("[Jennifer Lawrence] called me, she said she was so embarrassed that she had fallen, and I said, 'Relax my darling, it's not the first time a girl got on all fours on her way to getting an Oscar'").

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