08/13/2013 02:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jennifer Lopez's 'Golden Rule' Of Fashion Is Made To Be Broken, Apparently (PHOTOS)

Women, particularly fashion editors, tend to be really into fashion rules. No white after Labor Day! No suede after Memorial Day! No navy with black! No Uggs -- ever!

Even sartorial risk-taker Jennifer Lopez claims to have an ironclad rule she sticks to when getting dressed. In the September issue of Redbook, J.Lo dishes out lessons for dressing sexy, which include this "golden rule":

"If you're showing a lot of leg, don't do cleavage. If your dress is tight, it shouldn't be short. You cross the line into trashy when you reveal a lot."

Hm. If we know J.Lo, there is a second, unspoken rule to go along with the first one: Rules were made to be broken. We've got photographic evidence that Lopez has bent her own rules in the service of a major fashion moment, and thank goodness, too -- without a little rule breaking, we would have never gotten Jen's most iconic dress ever.

If we could amend Lopez's golden rule, we'd say this: Never let your better judgment get in the way of a killer outfit.



jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

jennifer lopez

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