08/13/2013 02:01 pm ET

Marriage Regret: Woman Confesses She Regrets Marrying Her Best Friend (VIDEO)

It's the perfect romantic comedy storyline: a girl falls in love with her best friend, they marry and live happily every after. But what if it doesn't work out that way?

That's what happened to writer and comedian Giulia Rozzi. Her marriage to her best friend lasted only 13 months -- an outcome she now says she should have predicted. Leading up to the wedding, she felt "the timing was off" and that she wasn't ready, but she went ahead with the nuptials anyway.

Some other signs her concerns were more than just cold feet?

"I wasn't spending a lot of time with him, I had terrible anxiety, I was drinking a lot, I was eating a lot, I was depressed," she told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker on Monday. "I was the opposite of a happy bride."

Marriage and family therapist Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker said that "cold feet" is a normal feeling for any bride, but women usually know intuitively whether a bigger problem is at play.

"Anybody who has a lick of sense is a little nervous before making such a big life change," she said. "There's a difference, however, between normal anxiety and jitteriness and deep inside saying to yourself, 'Is this really the right guy, the right woman? Is this really for me?'"

Feeling ready for marriage isn't tied to age, Hartwell-Walker said. Instead, it's about knowing yourself. She added that Rozzi did the right thing by calling it quits after a year.

"What we were hearing is the guy looks great on paper as a very best friend, but not necessarily as a lover and mate, and I think there are different criteria for that. So good for you for looking for more," she said.

Catch the full conversation about how to know when he's not "the one" at HuffPost Live. Then, click through the slideshow below for other divorce and marriage regrets from Kevin Hansen's "Secret Regrets: What if you had a Second Chance?"

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