08/14/2013 10:54 am ET

9 Things Women Need To Be More Demanding Of In Relationships


We need to make this things requirements. We need to make it so it would be unthinkable to come into any relationship without this stuff already tied up with a red ribbon. If someone says your standards are too high, remind them that perhaps theirs aren’t high enough.

1. No fear of feminism.

We have gotten over the point where it’s okay to think that feminism is for hairy lesbians, or the errant straight woman who has yet to pull that magical penis out of the stone that will teach her the error of her man-hating ways. Not every man has to actively identify as a feminist (actions speak louder than words, see: Hugo Schwyzer), but every man has to be aware that feminism is simply a belief in equality. Any exasperated eye-roll that accompanies a woman pointing something out when it’s sexist should be immediately met with a hair flip that gets all in his eyes and makes them all itchy and watery. And definitely not with a relationship.

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