08/14/2013 10:41 am ET

WATCH: Tom Hanks Tries Not To Lose It In This Funny 'Bosom Buddies' Outtake

Before he was Forrest Gump or Josh Baskin or Carl Hanratty, Tom Hanks was Kip Wilson on the American sitcom "Bosom Buddies," which ran from 1980 to 1982. The show featured the misadventures of two single men, working in creative advertising, who disguised themselves as women so that they could stay with a female co-worker in a building that didn't allow male tenants. The show was known for its clever use of improvisation, especially between Hanks and his co-star Peter Scolari.

The two were recently reunited as cast members in the Broadway show by Nora Ephron "Lucky Guy."

Thanks to Buzzfeed, an adorable outtake from the series has surfaced that shows Hanks trying hard not to lose it during a particularly funny scene with Scolari.

Watch it and see if you can keep from giggling!

h/t Buzzfeed