08/15/2013 11:06 am ET

7 Literary BFFs, From 'Gossip Girl' To 'Little Women'


What is it that we love so much about our girlfriends (other than everything)? It's hard to pinpoint one specific thing that makes female friendship so amazing, but it comes down to the way your closest girlfriends make you feel most like your true self.

As Suzanne Braun Levine puts it in You Gotta Have Girlfriends, "In the safety of our circle of trust, we can dare to be ourselves without being judged; we can vent unworthy gripes without feeling guilty; we can admit failures and boast about successes (no false modesty here); even accept as much advice as we give. Quite simply, we can say what we really think."

In celebration of National Girlfriends Day today, we've compiled a shortlist of some of the greatest fictional best friends in literature. Check it out below, and don't forget to raise a glass to the Elizabeth Bennett or Carrie Bradshaw in your life today.

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