08/15/2013 09:45 am ET

The Real Risks Of Buying Fine Art In Amazon's New Online Art Marketplace - Forbes


You have got to be kidding me!, was my early morning reaction to the $4.85 million Norman Rockwell painting listed at the top of the sort-by-price column on AMZN -0.9%. It is currently the most expensive offering on Amazon Art, the new “fine art” marketplace launched last week by the e-commerce giant. Yes, a painting most often reserved for the important American Art sale at Sotheby’s or the staid walls at New York’s Berry-Hill Gallery was being sold online alongside grocery items and Kindles.

So, I did what anyone would do – threw it in my shopping cart with a box of organic granola bars and proceeded to the checkout. It wasn’t until I was informed that I needed to add $18.71 of “eligible items” to my purchase in order to qualify for ‘Free Super Saver Shipping’ that I, with a heavy heart, backed out of the purchase.

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