08/16/2013 05:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Beijing Cop Handcuffs Himself To Suicidal Woman On Ledge To Save Her Life (PHOTO)

With only seconds to spare, a resourceful Chinese cop figured out how to rescue a suicidal woman dangling precariously from a ledge.

Authorities were called to the heart-pounding scene in Sanlitun in Beijing on Wednesday after a woman climbed to the top of a billboard and appeared to be prepared to jump, according to ZUMA Press, an independent photo agency that released the dramatic images.

cop saves woman 2

To help bring the woman to safety, the unidentified policeman handcuffed himself to her and used a rope to pull her up. Cops didn’t reveal any details as to what led the woman to nearly take her life.

cop saves woman 1

Oftentimes, the only tools cops have to rescue a suicidal person are their handcuffs.

In July 2011, a man who was distraught over a breakup climbed to the 13th floor of a building in Los Angeles where he planned on jumping, the LA Times reported.

After police dashed to the scene, they handcuffed the 30-something man to a railing and pulled him up by his clothes even as he bit the officer who was helping to save his life.



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