08/16/2013 09:00 am ET

Stupid Coffee Accessories That You Don't Need To Buy (PHOTOS)


Earlier this week, we talked about the coffee accessories that are actually worth buying. Like every coin, this one has a flip-side, and today we want to steer you clear of the coffee accessories you definitely don't need. You may want them, you may have them, you may covet them, but you don't need them to get a great cup of coffee.

The most egregious offenders in this category almost always blow us away with dollar signs. The idea that you have to spend a ton of money to be great at making coffee has always ruffled our feathers, and today is no exception. When it comes to making our coffee (and really, most of our meals), we tend to believe that simplicity is usually the best policy. A copper-plated, hand-cranked coffee grinder? Not so much.

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Coffee Accessories You Do Not Need