08/19/2013 06:05 pm ET

Olivia Wilde On What Happens When Your Friendship With A Guy Starts To Get... Weird


We're still waiting on a call from Olivia Wilde inviting us to hang out with her, because the more this girl says, the more convinced we are she'd be a great best friend.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Wilde talked about her new movie "Drinking Buddies" -- and what happens when your friendship with a guy starts to get a little too close.

It’s confusing. You think, “Wait a minute, I love being around this person, I love his jokes, he likes my jokes, we have so much fun, he’s the one I want to go to everything with ...” And yet usually that’s not the person who actually makes a great boyfriend. I’m sure it can happen. There’s also the danger that, once you’ve gotten to know someone as a friend, you’ve shown them all your dirty laundry so there’s a lack of mystery there.

We've all been there, Olivia. And most of the time, your best guy friend should just stay your best guy friend.



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