08/19/2013 08:58 am ET

Shallot Recipes (PHOTOS)

Anna Williams/Food&Wine

If you've always hoped to make restaurant-quality meals at home, one trick you could try is adding shallots to your dishes. Shallots are a member of the onion family, only more delicate in flavor than your typical white onion. They are the workhorse in many of the greatest kitchens. While it isn't always appropriate to swap onions for shallots, there are a lot of recipes where shallots just do a better job than onions ever could.

Shallots are a natural fit in vinaigrettes. When crispy, they make a tasty topping on fish and mashed potatoes. And if you take the time to caramelize them, shallots will taste good on everything. While they are more expensive than your average onion, shallots are worth every penny. Seriously.

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Shallot Recipes