08/20/2013 03:55 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Man With AIDS And His Husband On How Fighting To Live Improved Their Marriage (VIDEO)

When Randy Neece was ready to give up on his life, he had a partner who refused to let him.

Neece and his husband, Joe Timko, have been married 25 years and their relationship is a perfect example of a true partnership. The couple joined HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker to share their perspective on the 11 ways to stop stress from hurting your marriage.

The couple faced a serious trial when Neece was near death and without the will to live. But in his darkest moment, Timko was strong enough for the both of them.

"In '96, I was pretty much gone from AIDS and really on my death bed after about three years of begging Joe to let me go, and he just wouldn't do it," Neece said. "I survived long enough for the cocktail to come around, and here I am 18 years later, and we're still going beautifully together in our relationship."

Once Neece's health picked up, the couple decided to completely change their lives. They bought a ranch in Zephyr Cove, Nev., where they live and work together. It was a leap of faith that Timko said they wouldn't have made during his husband's most severe health issues.

As Timko spoke about finding the strength to fight for his partner, another HuffPost Live guest chimed in. Rufus Triplett, who writes about relationships with his wife, put Timko's experience in the simplest way possible.

"If you love someone, I don't care if you're not a fighter, if they need your help, it's gonna come through," he said.

Catch the full conversation on keeping stress out of your marriage at HuffPost Live HERE.



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