08/20/2013 10:32 am ET

Gun Violence Victim Shares His Story (VIDEO)

Writer Terrill Davis was helping a neighbor when he was shot four times near his Texas home at the end of January. He shared his story during a HuffPost Live discussion on gun violence victims' opposition to stop-and-frisk policies.

Davis and his neighbor were moving bags of clothing when they were ambushed in the parking lot of their apartment complex by another man, he told host Alyona Minkovski.

"He came, he pulled his gun, he shot the other dude like three times. I tried to get in my car and just drive away, but he pulled the door open. He asked who I was and told me to empty my pockets. And all I did was get a chance to put my hands in the air, and once I did that, he just--he shot.

"In my mind, it only sounded like he shot once, then I drove off. But he actually shot four times," Davis continued. "After I got shot, I thought it was just rock salt because I didn't see any blood. I had a pain in my left leg, but I just thought [it was] because he hit me hard. Actually, the bullet had went through and hit the femur and cracked it in 14 different places, so it's like a titanium rod there now."

Joining Davis and Minkovski in the discussion were Brian Beutler, a political writer at Salon, Heather Mac Donald, Manhattan Institute fellow and contributing editor of City Journal and Deepa Iyer, executive director of South Asian Americans Leading Together.

Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live.