08/20/2013 03:10 pm ET

Ken Cuccinelli Got A Sweet New RV

Ken Cuccinelli YouTube

What's going on these days in the Virginia Gubernatoriapocalypse that is Ken Cuccinelli versus Terry McAuliffe? Glad you asked! Cuccinelli, the current Virginia attorney general who's looking to move up to the statehouse, has gone out and got himself a dope new recreational vehicle. And he made a video about it, like he was on MTV's "Pimp My Ride," or something.

Pretty exciting stuff. He's got a "rolling office," and he and his driver can "bump around and sleep in back," and even "cook if we're feeling aggressive enough." They also love the refrigerator. "Big fans," Cuccinelli says, of the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, has also got something pricey and new to show off. Veteran Republican political strategist Boyd Marcus, who ran former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore's campaign, has both endorsed McAuliffe and joined his campaign as an adviser. According to the AP:

Marcus tells The Associated Press he's endorsing McAuliffe because he sees him as the candidate willing to work with both parties to get things done.

The endorsement means that the Republican public affairs firm of Marcus and Allen will dissolve. His partner, Ray Allen, says he's buying Marcus's shares of their 20-year-old business.

So the list of "people willing to dissolve their twenty-year old businesses to work for Terry McAuliffe" finally has a name on it. In other news, this race is still terrible.

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