08/20/2013 02:55 am ET

'Mistresses': Karen Gets A New Lawyer, And Makes A Terrible Decision (VIDEO)

Things are definitely getting more and more complicated for Karen on "Mistresses" -- and a lot of it is her own fault. She's already facing a lawsuit from Elizabeth that's looking to blame Karen for the death of Elizabeth's husband. Now, Karen was sleeping with him, but she had nothing to do with his death.

When an unexpected new lawyer showed up to help Karen prepare for the trial, she told her new client that Elizabeth wasn't looking for money with this case. She was looking to destroy Karen by ruining her reputation. One thing that was problematic was that Karen was at home alone when Elizabeth's husband died. Her lawyer suggested she amend that story by basically finding someone willing to lie about it.

Enter Sam, the son of the man Karen was sleeping with. He also turned out to be the one who found this new lawyer. Sam has had an infatuation with Karen for a while now, and he showed up to see how she was doing.

Appreciating his kindness, Karen opened up to him about her problem. "I was alone that night. The night your father died," she said.

Figuring out what that meant, Sam said, "You need an alibi.” He then offered himself as one. "I want to help you," he told her. "I’d do anything for you, Karen.”

After this, he moved in for a kiss -- and Karen acquiesced. So after hooking up with the father, she was now getting intimate with the son. TVLine's Michael Slezak couldn't believe Karen's stupidity and wrote that she must have gotten her degree from the "University of Terrible Life Decisions at Berkeley." "Strange what desire (or a stalker in shining armor) can make foolish people do," he wrote. "And Sam goes right for the neck, and clothes start coming off, and Karen’s one step closer to an orange jump suit.”

See what terrible decisions are made next on "Mistresses," Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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