08/21/2013 10:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Photos Of Hamsters Shoving Impossibly Huge Stuff In Their Mouths

Hamsters seem to just love shoving impossibly large objects in theirs mouths.

According to PawNation, a hamster's cheek pouches are used to both store food and carry babies, and can hold up to half their body weight. The pouches are sensitive though, so if you own a hamster, be careful what food you provide to protect your pet from puncturing its skin.

Check out the photos below of some of the oversized objects hamsters have tried to cram down their mouths!

The raw food fan...
Flickr photo by Franco Hartwig

Flickr photo by Franco Hartwig

Now that seems more comfortable...


The health food nuts...
Bad hair day, hamster style.
Imgur image uploaded by MundoCani

Glutton level: Hamster.
Imgur gif uploaded by MundoCani

Flickr photo by Marina Avila

Hamster enjoying broccoli.
Imgur gif uploaded by chedderkah

The perpetual snackers...
What cracker? Funny Hamster
Imgur image uploaded by jumpingbox

Greedy Hamster
Imgur gif uploaded by HeWentToJared

And lastly of course, that overeager hamster who just eats corn way, way, way too quickly...