08/21/2013 11:10 am ET Updated Aug 23, 2013

Dumpster Food Sold To Miami Restaurants: Report (VIDEO)

In his show "Bizarre Foods," Andrew Zimmerman glamorized dumpster diving for food with he hung out with "freegans" in San Francisco.

But a local news investigation discovered that Miamians' practice of picking though trash for edibles reveals anything but the "shelf-gorgeous" bananas Zimmerman encountered on his show.

In an extensive report, Local 10 filmed people picking through dumpsters at The Plaza, Miami's local produce hub, and carting off fruit and vegetables that were so rotten or moldy, they couldn't even be donated on the chance they make someone sick.

Reporters then followed the dumpster divers who loaded up their vans for roadside pop-up fruit stands in places like Hialeah.

Most alarmingly, however, some of that rotting fruit and veggies was bought by local restaurants.

Watch the downright nauseating Local 10 report above.

Meanwhile a Massachusetts man recently started a Kickstarter campaign to open a café that gives away food scavenged from local dumpsters.

And in Austria, a reality show called "Waste Cooking" uses only salvaged food for its dishes.



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