08/23/2013 01:08 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2013

Emoji Diversity Petition: Organization Puts Call Out For More Faces Of Color


First, black twitter gets a wiki page, now there's a group petitioning Apple to add more diversity to emoji symbols.

The petition prompt reads: "Of the 800+ Emojis, only two are non-white. Tell Apple to represent people of color in Emojis: SIGN and share this petition!"

The petition shines light on the keyboard's debut of same sex couple emojis that popped up in the iOS6 update and points out the fact that many emoji's have duplicates and multiple versions and yet, there are still no black emoji's.

With the new iOS7 reportedly launching this fall, this petition is asking Apple to consider adding more people of color to the popular text message characters.

But some are saying the fault doesn't lie with Apple. The emoji character's were introduced for the Japanese market. The concept took shape among Japanese teens and middle schoolers in 1995 when pagers were popular and a heart symbol was created to share in messages. If you were wondering why there were so many Japanese food options on the keyboard, that's why.

However, other users support the petition's motion to make a more diverse and inclusive group of characters:

I'd like to see faces that look like mine and people of all races, shades, and cultures in my Emoji keyboard. The current keyboard implies that white skin color is the norm. Lets be more inclusive Apple! You're the world's leading innovator! Lets do it!

What do you think?