08/22/2013 12:24 pm ET

Musician Creates Orchestra Out Of Used Floppy Disks And Sega Consoles Because He's Awesome

Why learn to play the violin, oboe or xylophone when you can just as easily turn a SEGA Mega Drive or an 8-bit home computer into a perfectly suitable musical instrument?

Sounds ridiculous, you say? You might want to chat with Glasgow-based musician, Julian Corrie. The mad scientist/tech-saavy artist has turned a plethora of old tech devices ranging from floppy disks to outmoded printers into an automated orchestra for his new music video, "Polybius." Think Inspector Gadget meets contemporary electronic music in an amazing homage to 1980s and '90s technology.

We caught sight of the mesmerizing video, directed by James Houston and produced by Bold Yin, on Colossal. Measuring in at just under two-and-a-half minutes, the quick watch is like a fun game of "Name That Really Old Video Game Controller."

Of course, we're big fans of classical music, and wouldn't want fiddlers and brass geniuses to drop their actual instruments in favor of reappropriating old hard drives as orchestral tools. Nonetheless, we're pretty taken with Corrie's impressive playing. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Did we mention Corrie also did a cover of Radiohead using a similar method?