08/23/2013 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cop Helps College Student Find Perfect Way To Freak Out His Parents (PHOTO)

A student at Iowa State University got some help from the local police in Ames, Iowa, to play a joke on his parents on his first day of college.

"I started chatting with a local police officer today, and asked him what I could do to let my parents know I was having a good time at my first day of college. He suggested taking this photo," wrote the student, reddit user kashaanm. The post blew up on reddit after he posted it Thursday night.

The student wrote that he was on campus for Destination Iowa State, an event to welcome freshmen and transfer students to the university just a few days before classes start.

So how did his parents react?

"When I talked to them they were calm and laughing, but apparently when they first saw the photo they were flipping out," kashaanm wrote on reddit. "I'm not really the type to get into serious trouble with law so easily, so their panic didn't last as long as I wanted. Time to step it up a notch."



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