08/26/2013 12:07 pm ET

McCain And Flake Push For Immigration Reform In Arizona


After five terms in the Senate and possibly nearing the end of his career, John McCain would like immigration reform to be a crowning achievement in his political legacy.

For Jeff Flake, a newcomer to the upper chamber after 12 years in the House, immigration reform is critical to winning over Latino voters and keeping the Republican Party competitive as the fast-growing Hispanic voter bloc alters the political landscape in Arizona and the nation. It could improve the electoral fortunes of Flake and his party for years to come.

But beyond that, the two Arizona senators, who have emerged as leaders in the push this year for comprehensive immigration reform, view the legislation as an opportunity to repair their state’s reputation, which has been battered by the immigration fight over state Senate Bill 1070, allegations of racial profiling and border vigilantes.

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