08/27/2013 03:10 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

'Longmire' Finale: Detective Fales Returns, Arrests Henry In Connection To Murder Of Walt's Wife (VIDEO)

It was the season finale of "Longmire," and Henry didn't see the end of it as a free man. He was arrested by Detective Fales after the Denver police discovered holes in the evidence involving Walt's late wife and her possible killer.

“We turned up this medicine bag in your friend, Henry’s office," Fales told Walt. "Teeth. And they match Miller Beck’s dental records.” Miller was the man suspected of killing Walt's wife, who had also been killed. Henry had acquired the teeth, but not from Miller directly.

“You may be innocent, but your friend Henry is not," Fales said, leaving Walt facing a difficult situation.

With all of this drama, the big question remains: Who killed Walt's wife ... and Walt's wife's killer? Henry thought it was Hector, which seemed to come as a surprise to Walt. So who does Walt think did it? And why? All of these questions were looming large in Andrea Reiher's breakdown of the finale for Zap2It.

Hopefully, A&E will grant fans a third season of "Longmire" so they can at least get closer to some answers -- and find out what happens to Henry.

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